Dr. Daniel Cohen

"What’s been so exciting about this open magnet is that we can do all kinds of MRI examinations. On an open magnet with the open environment there’s comparable image quality to a high-field closed magnet. When it comes to patient workflow in highfield open magnet, we’re able to do comparable examinations as on a high-field closed magnet in the same amount of time. Previously, exams took a lot longer and so it would take longer per patient. Now the examination times are identical to the closed magnet so we have a greater workflow and throughput."

Sandra Holman
Administrative Director

"The Hitachi Oasis has essentially made our Open MRI services limitless. Our radiologists have expressed that, in some cases, the image quality exceeds even that of our 1.5T conventional MRI system. The Oasis has made our MRI scheduling more flexible in that patients can be scheduled on either the Oasis or the 1.5T system depending on first availability without having to meet specific criteria. And, finally, the Oasis provides a complementing factor to our well-established bariatric program, allowing our bariatric patients to have an MRI scan right here close to home."

Jim Knauf
Radiology Administrator

"The Oasis does for the hospital what traditional closed scanners can’t provide due to claustrophobic patients or bariatric patients. We are getting a lot of patients through without any anesthesia and in some cases, no sedation at all. Also, we’ve done some very large patients since we’ve had the Oasis, which we have not been able to scan previously.

The image quality of Oasis is at least as good as our 1.5T close systems, which really are the workhorses. The last thing we could have is a scan on the Oasis where the radiologists were not comfortable interpreting those images so they said, ‘You need to rescan that patient,’ on the 1.5T closed system, which in a lot of cases, couldn’t be possible because of the size of the patient or we’d have to do anesthesia, which is a high risk to the patient as well as a lost of cost. So with the image quality of the Oasis being as good, we don’t have those challenges to deal with and that’s a huge benefit to both the hospital, patients, patient safety and the physicians."

Misty Youngblood

Lead MRI Technologist

At Massac Memorial Hospital, patients and doctors alike are raving over the image quality being produced on the Oasis. Two patients recently took images on disk, taken from the Oasis, to their referring physicians. One patient took his study to his orthopedic surgeon in St. Louis, MO.

The feedback this patient received was, "These images are some of the best I have ever seen". The second patient took a neurological study to a neurosurgeon in KY and received the same feedback. The word is spreading and physicians from near and far are referring patients to the Oasis system at Massac. The image quality is now driving referrals to the hospital and volume has increased as a direct result of the imaging capabilities possible on the Oasis.

Bernadette Heenan
Oasis Patient
"What a huge step for the advancement of this particular type of technology. I’d like to thank the individuals from this particular site, this particular hospital, which found it within the context of their budget to be able to make it available to this community and other people outside this community. From the patient education to the actual application of the equipment was amazing. It was comfortable. It was open. I could see the outdoors through a large open window. Stateof- the-art technology and I just cannot say enough."

Dr. Frank Mele
Radiologist and Medical Director
"The image quality Oasis is providing has exceeded our expectations, which were very high to begin with. Our specialized capabilities have enabled us to serve a number of patients who could not be imaged previously due to claustrophobia, their size, or other considerations."
Dr. Mike Kasotakis
Oasis lets us bring two pieces of the puzzle together — both open architecture for patient safety and anxiety and also the high-field strength, which allows us to provide the quality that we as radiologists and our referring clinicians want. So as a radiologist, we’ve been very impressed with the image quality and I can attest to the fact that many of my colleagues in fact prefer reading some of the Oasis scans rather than our other scans and that right there is a litmus test for me.

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