Spectroscopy White Paper


Spectroscopy - Application and Technology

Decades of R&D have been put into realizing the potential of proton MR spectroscopy as a noninvasive tool for determining the presence – or absence – of cancer. Thousands of patients around the world have been assessed effectively. Yet, despite its proven value, proton spectroscopy is rarely applied in routine clinical practice. A case performed at the Wasilla office of Alaska Open Imaging Centers on a Hitachi Echelon 1.5T scanner demonstrates the value of this tool for speedy evaluation and efficient patient management.

Sedation White Paper


Limit Sedation - With Bore-less MRI

Lourdes Hospital has identified meeting the needs of bariatric and pediatric, as well as elderly and infirm patients as being critically important to satisfying its mission and obligation to the surrounding community. The open design of the Hitachi Oasis has dramatically reduced our need for sedation and anesthesia in serving these patients. This has boosted productivity and patient throughput by making scheduling more predictable and workflow more efficient.

Volume Imaging
In the wake of progress with imaging technology and improvements in computer performance, high-resolution three-dimensional imaging is becoming a cornerstone of MRI. This report is an overview of some volume imaging applications of Hitachi Medical’s Echelon™ 1.5T and Oasis™ 1.2T MRI Systems.

Prime FSE Technology
Recent modern pulse sequences on MRI including a fast spin echo (FSE) technique contribute to improving the quality of diagnostic imaging. This paper reports the features and efficacies of prime FSE, a novel technique implemented in the 1.5T Echelon as an advanced FSE sequence, by focusing on the area of the central nervous system.

Acronym Pocket Guide
What does it all mean? Clear up the confusion with Hitachi's MRI Acronym Pocket Guide. The guide defines and compares the MRI acronyms of Hitachi's clinical capabilities with other leading MR companies so you can speak in all MRI languages.

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